Wednesday, January 24, 2018

House Higher Education Appropriations Chair Ahern's budget recommendations

Chair Ahern released his proposed budget for the House Higher Ed. committee. There was no line item for performance funding. In his budget there is an increase to the WF of $2,549,106. This increase covers the cost of line items #4,5,6,7,and 8, which benefit individual institutions. There may be a slight increase in the fund, but I need to look at the total cost of the individual projects funded last year.
There is not a run available which provide proposed funding by district for this projection.
You will note Workforce did not receive a reduction, however the state colleges received a 36,674,000 million dollars reduction and the state university system a 106,928,136 million dollar proposed reductions.  They were instructed they could use the carryforward monies  to cover the reductions.
The Senate will come forward tomorrow with their budget recommendations.

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