Friday, February 21, 2014

Updates on Bills & Accountability Presentation

Below are a few documents that may interest you.
Visit our News & Legislation page to read Amendment 1011-80 to the tech center bill from the House Ed. Appropriations Committee staff (HB 7057). Email any comments you may have concerning this proposed amendment. The SB 1202 has been filed it is the companion to SB 7057 Technical “college” bill.
Last Tuesday, Pam Stewart gave this accountability presentation at the State Board of Education meeting. It discusses the DOE's proposed changes to school grading.
Click here to read a bill that would move forward with Agriculture industry certification requirement. There is currently no companion for this bill in senate.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House Higher Education members with link to their info- Technical Center bill to be heard Thursday, Feb. 13 at 8 am

Above you will find the links to each member of the House Higher Education and Workforce committee. We were told by House staff that the bill will be put to vote in this committee on Feb. 13, 8 am. The meeting notice has not been posted yet and we still do not have the PCB number; but both items should be available by the end of the week or before.
I have two tasks for you:
1.    Contact the legislators on this list and ask for their support for the bill, BEFORE next week. It is particularly important if the Legislator is from your county. Follow up  with an invitation to your Tech Center campus.
2.    It would be helpful if  you could come for the committee meeting on FEB. 13th,however, if you are here for CTE on the Hill try to get an appointment with your Legislators to discuss the bill. Please let me know if you plan to attend either event. I will try to get some rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn for the night of Feb. 12th.
The meeting went well yesterday. The president of the Council of Presidents spoke briefly and basically said they did not have a position on the bill YET. The State College presidents are meeting in Tallahassee on Thursday, and I am sure this will be a major topic of conversation.
I want to thank Todd Bowden, Dave Barnes, Martha Compton, and Susan Miller for coming up yesterday. Though there were no questions that required our response, the staff knew they were in the audience. I since a list to staff  advising that our experts were available.
I spoke briefly with Senator Munford yesterday evening and he is still supportive of the bill. He said “it was the right thing to do”.

Prior to the committee meeting yesterday I spoke to the Manufacturing Association of Florida and they will support the bill. Al Stimac was particularly vocal in his support. Al has been appointed to the Higher Education Coordinating Council, by the Governor. He will be a strong advocate for our issues, secondary and post-secondary.