Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Status of bills now that the House has Adjourned for the 2015 Session

Sorted by Bill Number
Relating to Florida Civil Rights Act
Relating to Workforce Services
Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee
Relating to Educational Opportunities for Veterans
Military and Veterans Affairs, Space, and Domestic Security
Relating to Education Accountability
Education Committee


The Governor has signed 7069 and the others are awaiting his signature. There were bills that will move to be enrolled as a result of the action of the House and Senate today.

948 and 7127 will die because they have not been approved by both chambers and will have no opportunity for action now that the House is adjourned for the 2015 regular session.

7125 was in messages to the Senate last Friday but they referenced it to three committees.


House v. Senate

 Look at last 4 minutes where the Speaker Sine Die'd the 2015 Session



If you put the cursor on the screen a bar will come up which allows you to scroll to the end of the session.

Monday, April 27, 2015

SB 7028

This bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature. It adds to the  exemption for veterans who reside in the state from paying out of state tuition. The new group is identified as “ entitled to  educational financial assistance from United States Department of Veterans Affairs” rule to follow.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CS/HB 7069

Good afternoon,

The enrolled version of CS/HB 7069 is now available online.

I am highlighting just SOME of the additions and deletions in the bill:

Lines 117-121    Sets opening day of school no earlier than August 10th

Lines 149-161    Deletes middle school requirement of  level 1 and 2 remediation

Lines 166-178    Deletes high school requirement of level 1 and 2 remediation

Lines 188-190    Deletes 11th grade ELA assessment requirement

Lines 306-336    Deletes language that state EOC must be 305 of final grade

Lines 591-619    Deletes the requirement for local assessments for courses not associated with an                                  EOC

Lines 693-702    Limits testing time for statewide and district required local assessments to 5% of                                  student’s total school hours

Lines 711-717    Statewide EOC must be final exam in associated course

Lines 743           Paraprofessional with training may administer and proctor statewide assessments

Lines 1159         Deletes the requirement of the college ready assessment

Lines 1230-1255          
                           Requires an independent verifications of psychometric validity of the 2014-15                                      statewide assessment before school grades can be released

Lines 1375         Teachers evaluations- Student performance 1/3 of computation (instead of 50%)