Saturday, April 29, 2017


The committee met late after 12:00 and the Senate presented their offer which did not accept any of Workforce issues I reported as the House position last night. 
The Committee took a brief recess and the House came back and responded as follows:
House accepts the Senate position with NO performance incentive funding 
House accepts the Senate position of and increase of  $3,717,917 for equity.
The District Workforce fund is now at $366,340,160 for 2017-2018 ( an increase over last year). We have not seen a run on these numbers yet. It will be available when the budget hits the table for the 72 hr. cooling off period before the final vote.
Items kicked up to the chairs are:
Baker County School District Expansion
Clara White mission
Educating and Integrating Florida’s Adult  
Newly Arrive  Growing Hispanic community
RiverOak Technical College expansion

Higher Ed. Update

The House and Senate do not agree on School District Workforce funding. The issue is kicked up to Appropriation chairs.

Senate Offer

House Offer

Pre-K12 Post Meeting Update

As in the Prek-12 committee have completed their negotiations. All unresolved issues are kicked up to the chairs.

Senate Offer 1

House Offer 2

Higher Ed. Update

The Higher Ed. Committee is noticed for an 11:30 meeting.


Conference committee for Prek-12 noticed for 10:30 this morning. Since the same people from the Senate sit of both Higher Ed and Prek-12, Higher Ed. will have to meet later. Actually, they could be kicked up to the Appropriation chairs at noon.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Update: House Offer 1 - Higher Ed. Committee

Good evening,
The House maintained their position on the $4.5 million in Performance based incentives.
The House increase the additional funds for equity to $5,768,155.
This puts the total Workforce fund at $368,659,398.
The House maintained its position on $265,000 for Baker County to expand PSAV programs.
The House excepted the Senate position of $150,000 for the expansion of a welding program at Okaloosa Technical College ( use term “College”).
The House increased the Senate position to $300,000 for the expansion of PSAV programs at RiverOak Technical College.
The House accepted the Senate position of the SIS money. So no continuation for funds.
It is very important that you go back to the people you contacted today and thank them for their support.

Circle back to your Senators and ask them to support the House position on all the items above.

House Offer 1 - Higher Ed. Committee, available online at

House Offer 1 - Implementing Bill Proviso

Available online at

Higher Education Committee @ 7:30 p.m

Higher Education Committee conference scheduled for 7:30. Go to
to view.

Pre-K Conference Happening NOW!

PREK-12 conference committee is noticed for 6:15 p.m. 
You should be able to listen or view it real time at


The Higher Education nor the Prek-12 conference committees have not noticed any meeting. It appears they may wait until the evening.

Continue to have people contact the individuals we discussed earlier and the local senators and representations.

Helpful Statistics to Reference When Contacting Your Representatives.

Here is some helpful information to use when talking to your legislatures. 

Funded Certifications by Career Cluster
Career Cluster
Health Science
Architecture & Construction
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Law, Public Safety & Security
Information Technology
Engineering and Technology Education

Top 10 Funded Certifications
Cert ID
Cert Title
National Licensed Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN)
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Certified Welder
HVAC Excellence EmploymentReady - Air Conditioning
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Law Enforcement Officer
CompTIA A+
Correctional Officer
HVAC Excellence Employment Ready - Heat Pump
ASE - Electrical/Electronic Systems (A6)

They still haven't noticed the higher education conference meeting for today.

Time to Make Some Calls

Good morning!

Please call Representative Ahern’s Capitol and district office before  this morning, now if you see this (earlier the better). He is co-chair of the Higher Ed. Conference committee. Ask him to maintain the House position on Performance Incentive Funding for the Tech Centers $4.5 million (first Priority) and the SIS money $2.7 million(second priority).
Capitol number- 850-717-5066
District Office- 727-395-2512

Additionally, call Senator Galvano and request the performance incentive funding for Technical centers. Thank him for the increase to the  school district Workforce fund for  equity.
Capitol- 850-487-5021
District- 941-741-3401

You should also contact your local rep or Senator.
The committee has not be noticed yet this morning. Last night it was thought they may meet at 8:30. No meeting has been noticed yet.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

First Senate Offer Page 1

You will find the first Senate offer pg. 1:

Total Workforce fund  was originally $366,903,660 in the Senate offer, their current offer is $366,340,160. The Senate  offer does not include any performance incentive money, nor does it roll over the SIS funds.
Please email the representatives on the committee and ask them to maintain their position on the performance funding and the rollover of the SIS. This needs to be done ASAP, as they will be reconvening at 8:30 in the morning.
As a result of the compromise between the Leadership the allocation for  the Higher Education committee was reduced by 22 million.

Legislative Conferencing 2017 Begins

Good afternoon,                             

The conference process will be starting today. Each sub-committee ( Higher Ed., PREK-12, Corrections, Health, etc.) will be meeting providing a 1 hour notice. The Senate will bring forward their offer #1 at the first meeting. Then the House will bring forward a counter offer at the next meeting. As agreement is reached each item dropped out of the discussion. Any items on which they cannot agree will be bumped to the Appropriations chairs at noon on Saturday, April 29. Those items which the Appropriations chairs cannot agree to will then be bumped to the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate.

The final budget must be dropped on the members’ desks 72 hours prior to the vote on the final budget.