Friday, May 5, 2017

Budget Conference Report

This is a nice summary of the events to follow now that the budget has been released provided by Chris Doolin:
Monday to be last day of 2017 Legislature – Session extended to comply with Constitutional “Cooling Off” Period.
A conference report(s) is expected to be released today Friday, May 5, after budget negotiations are complete. When it is published, it is subject to the "72-Hour Cooling off period" dictated by the Florida Constitution. A vote may then take place after the 72 hours has elapsed Monday, May 8.
Conference Reports must be accepted in total – they can only be approved or rejected – no changes.
Florida Constitution Article III, Section 19(d) SEVENTY-TWO HOUR PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD.  All general appropriation bills shall be furnished to each member of the legislature, each member of the cabinet, the governor, and the chief justice of the supreme court at least seventy-two hours before final passage by either house of the legislature of the bill in the form that will be presented to the governor.
After the Budget is passed by both the Senate and the House, and signed by both presiding officers, it is sent to the Governor for review. 
Within 15 days of receipt of the budget – must act.   The Governor has several options:
  • Sign the bill it toto
  • Veto the bill in toto
  • Veto portions of the bill
  • Veto line-items within the bill  
  • Allow the bill to become law without signing.
Governor Scott has utilized his veto power more than any recent Governor – See following chart

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