Friday, March 11, 2016

Legislative Update - March 11, 2016

Good morning,

We are in the home stretch for the 2016 session. Both chambers are frantically trying to get bills passed. Many will die from the lack of action.

This afternoon around 4:00 p.m. each chamber will take up the budget bills. Once those bills are passed by both the House and the Senate, it will be sent to the Governor. The Governor has line item veto authority over the budget presented to him for his signature. There is no doubt that he will use that authority on this budget.

As Education bills are signed by the Governor, I will present them to you. It is my plan to compile a summary of all the Education bills which would impact secondary and postsecondary programs.

Fresen’s last amendment to 7029  ( find below) would provide new language to the majority of the bill, which is what the Senate did to the House version of the bill before they sent it back.


CS/CS/HB 249 (2016) Culinary Education Programs
                SENATE - Read 3rd time
                SENATE - CS passed; YEAS 37 NAYS 0
                HOUSE - Ordered enrolled

CS/SB 1360 (2016) Student Assessments
                SENATE - Read 2nd time
                SENATE - Retained on Special Order Calendar Filed to this Bill:
                145418 - Amendment filed by Senator Hays

CS/CS/HB 7029, 1st Eng. (2016) School Choice
                HOUSE - Was taken up
                HOUSE - Amendment(s) to Senate amendment(s) adopted (635159)
                HOUSE - Concurred in Senate amendment(s) as amended (550680)
                HOUSE - CS passed as amended; YEAS 81 NAYS 37
                SENATE - In returning messages
Filed to this Bill:
                522943 - Amendment to Amendment (550680) filed by Representative Rader
                635159 - Amendment to Amendment (550680) filed by Representative Fresen
                972899 - Amendment to Amendment (550680) filed by Representative Fresen

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